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An original and surprising culinary combination with some of the most iconic products of the local gastronomic tradition that are perfectly combined with the Asian exoticism. This is the philosophy behind BOUL & CO, the first bowl bar in Milan. An innovative kitchen concept in which the bowls are at the center of the table to celebrate the Italian spirit, while always keeping the eye turned to the East. Rice, raw or cooked fish with vegetables are the starting point of each proposal to create something that until today didn’t exist. A plate with a unique taste, obtained from the combination of territorial excellences that tell, from north to south, the richness of the "Made in Italy" gastronomic heritage.

A perfect mix of consistencies, contrasts and flavors that take guests on a trip to the East, but with a return ticket for home. And home is BOUL & CO.

Let me boul your mind!

Where we are

Piazza XXV Aprile
Via Gaspare Rosales 1
20124 Milan - Italy

From Monday until Friday 9 AM - 10 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 10 PM
Closed on Sunday

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